“In the presence of….”

August 23 1970

“In the presence of God and before these our Friends, I take thee B to be my husband promising with divine assistance to be unto you ,a loving and faithful wife for as long as both shall live”.

this is the Quaker wedding vow. We were quite devoted to Quakerism early in our lives, and I think it instilled in us the simplicity and clearness we strive for and always have.

So, 44 wonderful years later ,here we are. It’s been pretty great. And I love you, always. “More than life itself”

Memory Pages#1

From tiny Highland Mills,NY , we headed up to Canadaimage in  1963 painted VW bus. It was packed and we went very slow. We camped on the edge of a lake before driving across to the Souix St Marie entry to the US. I don’t remember from there where we went, but eventually we were in Santa Fe with some distant relative of B’s stepfather. It was kinda weird. Then we cruised into Tucson, Arizona to begin our married life and my first year of college and B’s second. 


Oh, BTW, we are on day 451, of the JKWP ….

4 thoughts on ““In the presence of….”

  1. Awww, that’s so sweet.
    And congratulations on your 44th! And you even look like each other now. 😉
    You are in rare company now having been together this long, especially these days….

    Me and Hubs’ are having our 32nd 5 days from now….together 37, married 32. I can’t believe we’ve been together this long!

  2. congrats on your 44th. It’s so nice to hear of long lasting marriages (mine is almost 38 yrs). May the next 44 be as lovely. 🙂 Dee

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