Nice to be home!

It was very relaxing in Tahoe . We had all kinds of crazy weather from thunder storms, hail to beautiful sunny days.

the house looked clean when we got home so my son did a good good on most things.

Atsome point at our after dinner wind discussions, my daughter napped to mention the not so good effect of the GF s new job at the daycare down the street with all the germs, viruses and god knows what else. And bringing that into the house. She’s been here 3 weeks now and our house is just too small, first of all for another adult. So I kinda freaked since I haven’t really been sick in a long while. I get the sinus stuff and mild feeling lousy but not too sick. So, I told my son she’s got to move immediately. This is a sad case of a 19 year old, very sweet young lady whose Mormon family has pretty much disowned. No support. No car, no communication. She’s going to stay with a family she stayed with before. We’re thinking of helping her buy a car under $2000. Does anyone think this is crazy. We’re not sure if this is just enabling more or really helping. Any thoughts?????