Shopping at Sur La Table

I decided to go for it …. The pizza steel. It has the best reviews for a crispy crust and heats higher than a stone and will not crack. It was 79.99, plus then I bought some King Arthur pizza flour to try and well, let’s just say quite a few other little things. We are going to call this my anniversary gifts. I made the pizzas last night and they were perfect. The steel did get a little dis colored where pizza sauce and cheese spilt. I thought it wasn’t going to do that.  But no big deal. 

Today I’m making another no knead loaf of bread. I like this recipe as you keep the dough in the fridge till you need it and then cut off a chunk and bake. 

Also, I’m staying home today and just Flyladying, and reading. Back to the library tomorrow .Tonight is chile rellenos with chiles from the farmers market and beans. 


OK, reality check! Do not read if you are religiously inclined to Mormonism :)

No, on the whole car thing. She is not our child, and we are not responsible for her. 

Then , okay, this is more than I can take…. She went out this afternoon and before that was in the bathroom 2 hours. Now remember I have some serious diarrhea stuff with rev/ dex going on. But Sundays , for some reason I don’t. So, then she’s out for the day, ok, but then he comes home from work and she looks like a vestal   Virgin from Mormonville and has the Book of Mormon with her. So. For me, that’s the last straw. I am a very liberal person, LG what ever, I’m okay. Mormons absolutely not. So, move out by Wednesday and take the Book of Mormon with you. How in they’re right mind would anyone believe the Joseph smith story of golden tablets under a mound when the archangel Moronani ( not sure of spelling)  tells him to what….. Later take as many wives as you can…. And so on.. … Joseph smith was a con artist . And still now 100 years later millions of people still believe this. No caffeine , or hot liquids… Like God ‘s up there saying you can’t have coffee. Come on, think about it people… What’s real….


okay,  that’s my rant, I’m on dex, so… Do I get a free pass!

Nice to be home!

It was very relaxing in Tahoe . We had all kinds of crazy weather from thunder storms, hail to beautiful sunny days.

the house looked clean when we got home so my son did a good good on most things.

Atsome point at our after dinner wind discussions, my daughter napped to mention the not so good effect of the GF s new job at the daycare down the street with all the germs, viruses and god knows what else. And bringing that into the house. She’s been here 3 weeks now and our house is just too small, first of all for another adult. So I kinda freaked since I haven’t really been sick in a long while. I get the sinus stuff and mild feeling lousy but not too sick. So, I told my son she’s got to move immediately. This is a sad case of a 19 year old, very sweet young lady whose Mormon family has pretty much disowned. No support. No car, no communication. She’s going to stay with a family she stayed with before. We’re thinking of helping her buy a car under $2000. Does anyone think this is crazy. We’re not sure if this is just enabling more or really helping. Any thoughts?????


Off to Tahoe for the week!

We will be at our favorite Nevada Beach all week. We may or may not stay Friday night since we only have solar showers. But most schools start this week so there may be less kids. Still it’ll be nice, relaxing and fun. We’ve really learned to minimalise our tent camping and don’t bring a lot of food as we can go to raleys or Safeway up there. It’ll be cooler so we’ll need jackets but should be great.

this morning is dex, so ,.. So far I’ve made rice for camping, potatoes for breakfast hash browns, tomato sauce to freeze. Washed and dried the couch covers, now I’m doing the other chair covers…. Well. I’ll collapse around one so till them.

BTW , today is day 438 of JKWP … Yeah still not super motivated! But I’m doing it! 

A new ‘ used’ car!

Well, we did it. Got the boy a used Subaru . I’m really anxious about buying a used car, but we didn’t have much choice with the insurance refund from the Prius. It’s a 2005 Subaru and seems good. But, honestly you never know if next month the engines going to fall out. So, will hope all is ok. There was not much left over so…. Z will still need to earn the increase in insurance due to both his speeding ticket and crash. The crash isn’t decided yet because it will go to a judge in Virginia . He can’t be there so not really sure what happens with it. Anyone a lawyer out there know?

its been pretty great here with cloudy and rainy days. Kinda humid though. 

Yesterday was my 2nd dex day, and it’s generally ok. I had the energy to go out to help with the car purchase. Later I made an attempt at a pizza, and wow, was that a disaster . I put too much sauce on and it just mushed up. So, my sweet daughter went out to the local pizza shop and bought one. It’s not my favorite but, what can you do. I will try again with my new flour OO, but a lot less sauce and maybe just on a metal pan. I am determined to make a new york style pizza at home, but last night was NOT the night.

off to the library today, my son is bringing papers to a new job at a grocery store, my husband is heading to Tahoe to work, and my daughter is home.

So, tonight is beans and an enchilada casserole. I think I can handle that:)….image

Friday financials

I tallied up most of Julys expenses and I think I was on the mark with most. Food/ non food is always problematic but I think I got it @$778. So I’m good with that. That includes cat food, TP, whatever else. I’ve tried separating food/ non food, but it gets messed up so I think this is the way to go. Just a certain amount to cover each week. With another $70 that was alcohol. So, about $200 each week. The only other non planned money was 3 gift cards totaling $40. Now I’m putting in a line item for gifts and I’ll start at $20. Household was @200. That’s all the Home Depot and true value stops made by hubby. Mostly pool and yard stuff. I budgeted 200 so, slightly over is good. 

August will be interesting with getting the used car for Z. He’s focused on a Subaru . I like that but most are well over 100,000 miles so, there maybe repairs later. Plus we need to account for tax and license. Plus we don’t know the cost factor of increased insurance yet. 

Plus he went so far over our 700 minutes on verizon, I’m slightly freaked out at what it’ll be. But, he will be paying that as soon as I know. 

It is hot here again. Today is suppose to be 103 yikes, I hate the heat. 

Okay, off to Flylady and then the library.