Friday financials

I tallied up most of Julys expenses and I think I was on the mark with most. Food/ non food is always problematic but I think I got it @$778. So I’m good with that. That includes cat food, TP, whatever else. I’ve tried separating food/ non food, but it gets messed up so I think this is the way to go. Just a certain amount to cover each week. With another $70 that was alcohol. So, about $200 each week. The only other non planned money was 3 gift cards totaling $40. Now I’m putting in a line item for gifts and I’ll start at $20. Household was @200. That’s all the Home Depot and true value stops made by hubby. Mostly pool and yard stuff. I budgeted 200 so, slightly over is good. 

August will be interesting with getting the used car for Z. He’s focused on a Subaru . I like that but most are well over 100,000 miles so, there maybe repairs later. Plus we need to account for tax and license. Plus we don’t know the cost factor of increased insurance yet. 

Plus he went so far over our 700 minutes on verizon, I’m slightly freaked out at what it’ll be. But, he will be paying that as soon as I know. 

It is hot here again. Today is suppose to be 103 yikes, I hate the heat. 

Okay, off to Flylady and then the library.