A new ‘ used’ car!

Well, we did it. Got the boy a used Subaru . I’m really anxious about buying a used car, but we didn’t have much choice with the insurance refund from the Prius. It’s a 2005 Subaru and seems good. But, honestly you never know if next month the engines going to fall out. So, will hope all is ok. There was not much left over so…. Z will still need to earn the increase in insurance due to both his speeding ticket and crash. The crash isn’t decided yet because it will go to a judge in Virginia . He can’t be there so not really sure what happens with it. Anyone a lawyer out there know?

its been pretty great here with cloudy and rainy days. Kinda humid though. 

Yesterday was my 2nd dex day, and it’s generally ok. I had the energy to go out to help with the car purchase. Later I made an attempt at a pizza, and wow, was that a disaster . I put too much sauce on and it just mushed up. So, my sweet daughter went out to the local pizza shop and bought one. It’s not my favorite but, what can you do. I will try again with my new flour OO, but a lot less sauce and maybe just on a metal pan. I am determined to make a new york style pizza at home, but last night was NOT the night.

off to the library today, my son is bringing papers to a new job at a grocery store, my husband is heading to Tahoe to work, and my daughter is home.

So, tonight is beans and an enchilada casserole. I think I can handle that:)….image