Off to Tahoe for the week!

We will be at our favorite Nevada Beach all week. We may or may not stay Friday night since we only have solar showers. But most schools start this week so there may be less kids. Still it’ll be nice, relaxing and fun. We’ve really learned to minimalise our tent camping and don’t bring a lot of food as we can go to raleys or Safeway up there. It’ll be cooler so we’ll need jackets but should be great.

this morning is dex, so ,.. So far I’ve made rice for camping, potatoes for breakfast hash browns, tomato sauce to freeze. Washed and dried the couch covers, now I’m doing the other chair covers…. Well. I’ll collapse around one so till them.

BTW , today is day 438 of JKWP … Yeah still not super motivated! But I’m doing it!