OK, reality check! Do not read if you are religiously inclined to Mormonism :)

No, on the whole car thing. She is not our child, and we are not responsible for her. 

Then , okay, this is more than I can take…. She went out this afternoon and before that was in the bathroom 2 hours. Now remember I have some serious diarrhea stuff with rev/ dex going on. But Sundays , for some reason I don’t. So, then she’s out for the day, ok, but then he comes home from work and she looks like a vestal   Virgin from Mormonville and has the Book of Mormon with her. So. For me, that’s the last straw. I am a very liberal person, LG what ever, I’m okay. Mormons absolutely not. So, move out by Wednesday and take the Book of Mormon with you. How in they’re right mind would anyone believe the Joseph smith story of golden tablets under a mound when the archangel Moronani ( not sure of spelling)  tells him to what….. Later take as many wives as you can…. And so on.. … Joseph smith was a con artist . And still now 100 years later millions of people still believe this. No caffeine , or hot liquids… Like God ‘s up there saying you can’t have coffee. Come on, think about it people… What’s real….


okay,  that’s my rant, I’m on dex, so… Do I get a free pass!

3 thoughts on “OK, reality check! Do not read if you are religiously inclined to Mormonism :)

    • I totally get what your saying. I was a bit over the top with this post but as I said its a dex day so…
      But really, our house is just too small for 5 adults. It’s only 2 /1 and under 900 sq feet. So not practical. Secondly, when she came back from Virginia 4 weeks ago, this was only a temporary situation till she got situated and moved in with a friend.
      Thirdly, and most important, I live with an incurable blood cancer, multiple myeloma for which I’m on 2 oral chemos. Both these lower my ability to fight infection and lower my WBC, rbc, platelets and neutrophils making me at risk for infections more than most people. So, last week she started a job at the local preschool with 25 kids with all kinds of germs no doubt, colds, viruses, and childhood diseases, which I have lost my immunity to after a SCT. So that is the real reason she needs to be out because I absolutely cannot risk having those germs around me.
      Actually, she’s a delightful young lady, and the Mormonism is really her choice as is it anyone’s choice to believe what they do as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else.
      Thanks for your thoughts.

  1. Well…Your first, second, and third comments are right on.
    However…why be defensive about who you are?
    I am aware of what has been happening.
    I read your blogs on a regular basis.
    Simply put…THE ANSWER IS NO!

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