Monday stuff

Off to the dentist this morning. 

I see Dr. Laptalo on Wednesday , so my labs should be there. It’s always hard to tell, do I feel different, will they go up or down. I guess it’s just a waiting game. Overall, at least yesterday, I felt pretty good. Of, course I was on my week off from revlimid and no dex that week. 

The GF has moved back to the place she was previously. Apparently it is a real dump, but neither of them really told us that. So, I guess she’ll have to make do until the apt. thing is figured out a little more. 

Z, starts sierra college tomorrow. He’s only taking one AV class, but we accepting that at least it’s one class and not none.


Memory pages #2

So, when we got to Tucson, B had lined up a little studio right off campus. Now on the U of A, you can’t drive in at all. So then this was the Campbell st. Entrance. At some point the vw must have died and all we had was his little honda 175. But it got us around. Eventually, we got some bikes and it was fun to bike around town. Tucson then, was nothing like today. You could go a few miles and be out in the desert or into the Catalina mountains. Now it’s houses, houses, houses. 

So, off to classes we went. My first year was quite difficult. I had come from a small high school, and sitting in lecture halls with 300 students was difficult. I had some adjusting to do. Also, the desert was unfamiliar to me. I grew to love the open sky and everything about the southwest but it took a while. 

I don’t think I got a job right away, but I’ll have to think about it because, we did work all thru college, I’m just not sure about that first semester.

we had lots of fun exploring and doing stuff. 

We were young and adventurous …..

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