40lbs of tomatoes later!!!!

imageSo, we went got 40 lbs of seconds so I could make sauce to freeze and salsa.

my daughter did all the sauce, so that was great. Then this morning I made the salsa. I haven’t really canned tomatoes befor so I’m a little nervous, but I followed the amounts and….there it is. 

The one darker colored jar is the blue ball jars they put out last year.

its not a dex week so I feel pretty good. Yeah!

2 thoughts on “40lbs of tomatoes later!!!!

  1. Lack of rain here has hindered my tomating efforts. I am fearful this will also mean no canning pepper relish this year too. 8-(

    Don’t be afraid of canning maters. If they are too sweet just put a spoon of lemon juice in before you seal ’em up and process.

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