Blackberry sauce,:)

I went to the local berry farm and picked up a flat of blackberries. I made 12 jars of sauce. I never add all the sugar they say so it’s not thick jam but saucy. Still very yummy.

Today, I’m getting 2 flats of tomatoes from a local farm and going to make sauce and I think I’m going to try a salsa to can. I think I’ll do a few to just test it out. 

Tomorrow , I have to go get my blood test and then I’m at the library alone. It should be a. Ice day. 

The crisis is still on going with the GF, but maybe they can start looking for an apartment. We said we’d help, but JFC ,this is our retirement money. We shall see. 

2 thoughts on “Blackberry sauce,:)

  1. Okay…the crisis will be endless.
    It has already established itself as “a pattern in history”.
    Where you start…and where you END this pattern is up to you.
    What you do…and NOT do…will make a Huge difference for
    ALL of you!

    • It is crazy, but I hope they can find some sort of apartment in the next week or so. The trailer idea was good. For a micro second, till B realized it still people living here, ie, septic etc. so that went out the window. It is a very stressful situation and I really don’t want Z moving out but it seems that’s where it’s headed.
      Thanks for your thoughts …:)

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