Made it thru the storm, Costco ….

The wind was howling and the rain was impressive, almost 5 inches). But we got home around 1pm on Thursday. No wind just lots of rain. There were branches in the yard and tons of pine needles but no other damages. A few tiny roof leaks where it always leaks when it’s torrential, so I think we missed that one. SF got incredible wind and rain.

It’s still gloomy out and quite a bit colder.

I got and message back from my doctor and I started rev, and I’ll see him the first part of January, as it doesn’t make sense to see him mid cycle.
My m protein came back .4 so same as last month. My neutrophils were good too.

I’m done with christmas except some cash for my brother. We have definitely gone over budget. So next year I’ve got to up our santa fund.

Work was quiet and Saturday was a little busier. This is a slow time in the library, too much christmas going on.

My sons wisdom teeth surgery is this week and I’m sure I’ll be a nervous wreck.

We were looking at a new tv at Costco but I don’t think we can do it, since the copay for the wisdom teeth is @$700. So….
But as usual Costco sucked the money right out of you, but I won’t have to back till middle to end of January.

All in all a good day.
Dinner is potato leek soup.

Simplifying , decluttering, rain and more!.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

– William Morris

I’ve been back in the simplifying mode. I have a huge load to go to the little thrift store in town, but it’s been raining so much ,I haven’t been able to drop off. I read a blog about decluttering and I like his approach of everything needs a home. Pretty much the same as everything in its place and a place for everything. But , I like this little adaptation, that everything has a home or out it goes. I’m looking around and see a few more things to go.

With Christmas decorations up , it’s more visually cluttered, but I love our little bird tree, our snoopy tree, our big tree, and the ugly ornament tree. Yes, that’s a lot but we do enjoy them. My daughter and I did get rid of quite a few ornaments and quite a few of the hallmark boxes for ornaments that were not in the best shape. It takes up less space to wrap them in bubble wrap. I’m hoping to get everything in one plastic bin. That down from 4. It might end up I big bin and a small bin. I have 2 fake trees to give away too. So all in all lots of stuff going. My daughter does a great job purging, my son, not so much, his room is still a disaster zone. But I close the door, it is his space, so I respect that. Oh, I do go in and empty the burgeoning garbage pail.

RAIN,OMG, it was torrential. Our our got almost 4 inches of rain and there was flooding all over. Our driveway looked like a river. I get a little concerned with the ground being so saturated as that’s a way trees fall. But we need the rain in California ,so….

Saw the foot doctor too. It’s spurs on top of my foot. Surgery or ? She was little odd, not very revealing. She said I had a small mass under my ball of my foot from the bone trying to protect itself. She tried to drain it but when nothing happened, she said ,I guess it’s bursitis thing.( not sure if that’s what she said). Anyway I got a cortisone shot, and she wasn’t sure if that would help. She also said my feet don’t land right and I could benefit from orthopedic things to put in shoes, to the tune of $450. I said , let’s do it. She thought the reason the spurs happened is because of this. I’m going to try that, and give it 6 months. Then I’ll reconsider the bone shaving surgery ( yuck!).

I’m off to the library this morning.

maybe I’ll do a little more holiday decorating , if there’s any left to do.

Also, someone suggested to put the friends for sale books in alphabetical order. Good idea.

Not sure what’s on the dinner menu, but probably pasta with spinach as have a lot to use.


Rain and a good doctor appt

We walked in the rain with our Froggs. If you need rain gear Froggs is terrific and not too expensive. It’s both a light jacket and pants you put on over your sweats.
I love walking in the rain as long as it’s not freezing and windy.

We are on day 533, I think.:)

So my doctor appt was good. It’s so nice to get my labs on line before so then I don’t obsess about it. My m protein is at .4 up from .3
My neutrophils are a little low, but that was 2 1/2 weeks ago so they probably rebounded some.
I’m going back on the 16 mg of dex and well see it that brings it a little down. Overall I feel good. I started rev last night and really zonked out. I forgot that rev makes you sleep deeper. I actually forgot my thyroid pill till later than usual. Since I always wake up at 2-3 am I take it but last night I slept right thru it till before getting up. Weird.

He didn’t think too much about my foot( toe ) numbness except it’s probably arthritis. Still it hurts, or numbish.

Not much else, but I’ll get zometa in December. I want to finish the year done with that.
Then we went to Winco, and then had a little lunch at one of our favorite places. It was a nice morning.
I’m off today, and then back to the library tomorrow.

Rainy Friday !

I walked in the rain this morning. Nobody but me and geese( the Canadian geese have 8 babies). No regulars showed up. 

I’m off to the library this morning hopefully with a better attitude. Maybe it’s just on my week off from rev/ dex, I get cranky. I think it’s the drugs getting out of my system, but tonight it’s back to putting back in. I see my doctor on Monday and hope my blood work is there. 

I just finished a really great book, for those who read. It’s called “Sarah’s Key”. It’s about the French police rounding up the French Jews on July 16 1942. It weaves in present time and then back to that time. Oh, my, it is one of the best books I’ve read. I as many people had no idea about Vel d ‘Hiv ( I have go back and check the spelling. The message is NEVER FORGET!

Rain and Thursday budget stuff

It must have rained over night and it was still sprinkling on my walk. But at least it wasn’t cold. It’s much better if it’s just a little warmer as my body does better. 

Payday was good relatively speaking. I ordered propane to the tune of $377. Oh well, at least we’re warm. all the bills are in and I took $200 for groceries. Probabably not realistic but I’ll try. 

There’s tons of little birds in the yard, I think they’re Oregon sparrows. Our Christmas tree lives on in the garden. I have to say it was a great tree. I wouldn’t do it again( order on line) but it must have bee cut days before shipping and still looks great. Usually we put peanut butter pine ones on it for the birds. But I don’t see that my daughter did that. 

My son just left for college, just for classes . But he might as well live some where  else as he’s not home too much since the new GF. I’m ok with that for the most part. Still not sure how the morman thing is going to play out. She’s a Morman or at least her family is. I’m fairly religiously tolerant, but do have a hard time with the whole Joseph smith gold tablets and the whole premise of how you get to heaven? 

ugh, what does that mean? If you need a great read about some Morman history ,try the 19 th wife. It’s superb.


Rain, rain, rain!

image imageimage

I’m going to pack up the Franciscan ware dish set I and put in a cabinet I have. This set is desert  rose. It was service for eight and I have given half away. Mostly they had chips and were mostly seconds. So I’m putting them in a box. If I don’t use them in 6 months for a special occasion, I will give to a friend.

I’m looking into buying shelving called Elfa. I want to seriously change our pantry from our front walk in porch to the kitchen. This shelving looks simple and seems easy to install. Not sure overall how expensive it is.

Today in the rain, I’m going out to the barn and go thru some kids artwork and get it down to 1 bin. I have all their special Waldorf toys in 1 bin. Baby blankets in another. So I am definitely getting it down to a nice small amount. Since I started this minimalism journey, I have really pared everything down. It feels so great.

Should hear from the nurse today or tomorrow on my M protein……….. Worry……..

So have any of you used the Elfa system?