Alone vs lonely

This week with B gone working and taking our daughter on the trip with him, I had a chance to be alone a lot. I enjoy my time alone. I read (a lot),cook simple foods like (quesadillas) and do small things.  I’m never lonely and enjoy my own company. I keep to my fly lady schedule, tidy and work on small projects.  My son was working late 2 nights so he wasn’t around for dinner but then Friday night he cooked a nice Bbq  for us. So, I enjoy being alone and am never lonely.  I suppose since I’m not a very social person that accounts for it. Actually, I’ve never been a social person and have never had many close friends. I use to worry about that, but now I’m content to just know that’s part of my  psyche. And at 63, I’m perfectly happy with my small world.

Well, onward to the day …first up.. breakfast for  the best Dad in the world to my kids….

Dinner is a bbq  chicken, veggies, tofu, and ?? I may have someone go get a peach pie at our local fruit stand!! YummmLake Tahoe

Happy Fathers Day!!

To my husband and the best father 2 kids could have asked for. My husband was a completely involved father when they were young and still is. Just this past week he took our daughter with him on his work trip up the farthest point in California. Eureka. As a sales rep he gets to go to some great places, stay in nice hotels, eat out and see the areas he’s servicing. So when a chance arises that he can take one of us (and he pays the extra ,of course) then it’s like a mini-vacation for who ever goes. So have a geat Fathers Day!!!

Wednesday stuff

Off to Sacramento this morning for my Velcade shot. After this, it’s T minus  1 and counting.  I won’t be seeing my doctor till August but will keep getting monthly labs. I do hope I get a continued complete response. But, I guess time will tell.

After my shot,I’m stopping in Costco for a few items. Out budget is pretty thin right now so I only have $100 to spend there and most of that is  non-food. Then home and take Dex.

Yesterday, I did go to the barn and started organizing. I also pulled a number of magazines to sell including the 1964 Cassius Clay. Will see, not too many interested even with a magazine like this. I pulled some 1941’s  and they are pristine, soI’ll put those on eBay too.

well, I’m off…..

Daily routines and simplifying

We dropped a small load off at Goodwill and then took some very nice cookbooks to the ASPCA bookstore and those white dishes to their thrift store. I really like taking the nicer stuff to the Pet thrift store. They seem to have a very nice collection and seem to be doing well. I already have a few more things loaded into the van and if I’m up to it , I’ll go thru some more stuff in the barn. I know I’m going to get rid of more Christmas stuff and Life magazines  but when is the question.

My daily routine  started when I did Flylady. It’s still the same for the most part. having a daily routine ,morning for me, but some people do morning and evening,keeps the house and laundry tidy and organized.  If you do a daily routine it really helps  in the flow of the day. I make the bed(of course), empty the dishwasher if it hasn’t been done the night before, take out laundry and wipe the  bathroom with Costco wipes. If I need to prep for dinner such as crockpot Thursday I do that in the morning too. I make sure the counters are clear and things put away.  Also, put things away that might be out of place. Of course, we don’t have young children so it does make it easier.

Minimalizing has been a huge part of how simple my daily routine is since there’s not a lot of things to dust, or put away or maintain. I would completely advise minimalizing your things so as to simplify your life.  It’s certainly a journey and a process. But as I go layers of stuff and layers of my self a lot is revealed and let go of.  It’s interesting how different decluttering books speak to different parts of oneself.  the Don Aslett books are really fun and kinda quirky, but they Do get the message across. You really don’t need 12 rusty screwdrivers.  Or that family heirloom you think one day will be valuable. Then, of course, the Kondo way of does it spark joy.  Then now imageI’m working on the concept of ,if we moved would we take it.  It does force you to look at things differently. Of course, some things we wouldn’t take but still need now. So it’s all a process.

For me, the bottom line is I want a minimalistic home, lots of white space, and  more room.


Weekend stuff

Our weather is spectacular right now. Quite cool but still nice enough to sit by the outside fire at night.

Last night was Friday night pizza. I made a spinach, feta one, a pepperoni, and a pizza margarite. All Yummy. Lots of leftovers.

Today, I’m going to work out in the barn and move some stuff and get rid of some things. I’m mostly wanting to organize some as things are scattered. I finished the laundry room and did get rid of some old fall decorations. I may get rid of the rest and then this fall just get some orange lights.( I really like the orange color in the fall). Right now I have a tangle of lights in a bin so that may just go.

My office space has worked out great, and I’m quite happy with the minimal stuff.

We’re hoping to redone B’s office space with a new Ikea desk that fits in a corner. He doesn’t have a lot of room where his desk is and this would make it more efficient.  Plus moving stuff out really gets things moving and is a good motivator.

Dinner tonight is a BBQ pork roast thing, potatoes, and a veggie quiche.

A Slow day….

Dex must have knocked me out for today. I did go to town to shop for… wait for it …. CAT  FOOD!!!!  No, I knew I wasn’t going to make it to Costco, so I went to Bel Air and got some basics, milk, cat food, WINE( very basic need), yogurt, and whatever else was on the list.

Also, went to the bank to get cash for B’s gas and fun money. Some other blogger who I won’t mention was really bi****n about her  giving her husband $40 and then he spent t in 2 days. Well, it’s his fun money or spending money or whatever you want to call it and there should be no questions asked. The problem is he will need to wait till the next week to get his next $40, so maybe that’s how he learns. Who knows.

It’s really important in a budget to give some sort of fun money or allowance to do with what you want.  Otherwise ,there’s no fun. Well, I’m certainly not the budget expert so…

I was freaked that B didn’t  have his bonus come in but hopefully next time. Patience…

it just means using more out of the EF till that comes in and the whole bonus will go back in. ugh, why can’t it ever be easy…..

I received my new walking shoes and their very comfortable. I also called to see how much a new pair of orthotics inserts would be since I have the mold. well, shock.. $400. … so forget that. I’ll just have to make do.


Well, dinner tonight, a new recipe fro the Ruth Reichl book, tandoori chicken organic long grain rice with cabbage salad, our very own carrots , and radishes with a peanut dressing.





Decluttering continues

IMG_0023IMG_0015I’ve been on a new decluttering kick. Going thru things again and letting go of more layers. It’s amazing once you aren’t sentimental about something how easy it is to let go. Plus, I’ve been asking myself ‘if I was moving would I take it’?  So I got rid of 4 more cookbooks since I actually have never made anything out of them, just like the pictures. So if I was moving ,no I wouldn’t take them…Decluttering even more our laundry area. This is a small room built off the back of our house. maybe a little hokey and if we ever were going to sell I’m not sure how it would be viewed. But it is a nice space for our washer and dryer  and small chest freezer which, has been one of best purchases ever. plus, there’s shelves for storage.  I’ve managed to reduce the Waldorf stuff to 2 small bins and will go thru them even more. I don’t need to keep those cute books for my adult children. I took out the old rug and am going to get something else at Home Depot but for now ,I have the extra bathroom mat I’ll put down. Also , hanging on 2 pegs are our emergency packs with items that would be useful if there was ever an evacuation like a fire.

This is a set of some English china. I haven’t used them in a few years yet they were hanging out with my other white dishes. So, off they go to the pet thrift store.

I also went thru another box of photos and threw out a bag of duplicates, fuzzy pictures and ones that just weren’t interesting. In total it was probably 1/2 a garbage bags worth between  2 boxes. Also, I’m consolidating our tools we keep in the house to just one drawer in my ‘new office space’. I need a few things more but I repurposed a plastic bin to hold the screw drivers. Still need something for batteries. It seemed I was all over yesterday but I felt productive.

Today I’m off to Sacramento for my next shot. I’m not shopping today as pay day isn’t till tomorrow.  So it  should be a quick trip down and back. We still haven’t heard anything on our Harp refi, so I emailed the guy and asked what’s up ? it doesn’t take 4 weeks to get a subordination on our second.  If I don’t hear today, I’ll email again. I may check with our credit union as to whether they do refi’s with the Harp program. Since its a loan that doesn’t require income doc, appraisal or other things not sure if they do.

Dinner tonight is leftover taco meat and beans together, so Chili!! with tortillas.