Friday stuff

Well, this has been a good week. My last shot of Velcade, B got his bonus and I think the refi is happening. We haven’t heard on the timing but the subordination from Citimortgage has come in. I’m not sure why it took over 6 weeks but it did so now we can move forward. Yeah!! I want to move forward on my next set of money reducing goals of getting Citimortgage to refi their 2nd. Then We’re going to refi the Santa Fe once it’s under $20,000.  we’re doing this because B’s coop territory is now going to include Southern Ca and he going to need a car like a Prius with incredible gas mileage. I’m planning on taking over the Santa Fe and I guess we will sell the old van.

Today, My daughter and I are going into town to get a few things at Target and then Verizon to see about switching plans. B’s company has dropped Verizon so hs employee discount is going away and that means a higher bill. So we need to switch something.

Tonight is Friday night pizza!