Simple Sunday

It is going to be hot, and then get hotter.  I really dislike the heat. No, I really hate it. I’m okay with mid 90’s but this week we’re talking 100 – 103 ‘. Way to hot to go outside much. We did get the window coolers in so we’re set there, but still. now we’re also watering a lot every day to keep the garden and small patches of grass green. I guess there goes our water bill. In the summer our electric bill goes way down and water goes way up. Oh well, it’s always something.  I’m hoping July sees the budget go down with the reductions we’ve made and that most of the annual bills are done till Oct- Nov. I have one last auto insurance payment and then that’s it. So, I’m really hoping that we see the budget improve. We also checked out changing our cell phone plan with Verizon but as it turns out it’s actually a good plan. Somydaughte will pay off her iPhone and that will drop the bill by $30a month,( she pays for this anyway with the monthly rent she gives us)  but it ‘ll help my bottom line. Then I’m going to pay mine off in a month or 2.  So the actual bill will come in quite a bit less. My son is getting B’s old iPhone  5 s, but he hasn’t been paying while he was in school so now he will starting like ….now.

Today, we are dropping off another load to Goodwill. This  load has the little Ikea glass desk I bought after I got my MacBook last year. I thought it would work in a minimalistic space, but my forearms didn’t rest right on it . I’ve tried to repurpose it, but it’s really just in the way.

Then a quick stop at the store for  cream, veggies, and some wine for the week.

Dinner tonight is black beans and brown rice, tortillas, and maybe a piece of steak? not sure with it being so hot what we will feel like.

Flylady zone is the living room and dining space( 2 zones as the July starts Friday). I’ll probably get started later.

Tomorrow I have my big labs, Kappa light chains, Lambda. No SPEP test this time.  I’m not worried about this test. It should be fine. I’ll start worrying in a month or 2 when I’ve been off Velcade for that long.

Well, off to vacuum.:)