Weekend stuff

Our weather is spectacular right now. Quite cool but still nice enough to sit by the outside fire at night.

Last night was Friday night pizza. I made a spinach, feta one, a pepperoni, and a pizza margarite. All Yummy. Lots of leftovers.

Today, I’m going to work out in the barn and move some stuff and get rid of some things. I’m mostly wanting to organize some as things are scattered. I finished the laundry room and did get rid of some old fall decorations. I may get rid of the rest and then this fall just get some orange lights.( I really like the orange color in the fall). Right now I have a tangle of lights in a bin so that may just go.

My office space has worked out great, and I’m quite happy with the minimal stuff.

We’re hoping to redone B’s office space with a new Ikea desk that fits in a corner. He doesn’t have a lot of room where his desk is and this would make it more efficient. ┬áPlus moving stuff out really gets things moving and is a good motivator.

Dinner tonight is a BBQ pork roast thing, potatoes, and a veggie quiche.