A Slow day….

Dex must have knocked me out for today. I did go to town to shop for… wait for it …. CAT  FOOD!!!!  No, I knew I wasn’t going to make it to Costco, so I went to Bel Air and got some basics, milk, cat food, WINE( very basic need), yogurt, and whatever else was on the list.

Also, went to the bank to get cash for B’s gas and fun money. Some other blogger who I won’t mention was really bi****n about her  giving her husband $40 and then he spent t in 2 days. Well, it’s his fun money or spending money or whatever you want to call it and there should be no questions asked. The problem is he will need to wait till the next week to get his next $40, so maybe that’s how he learns. Who knows.

It’s really important in a budget to give some sort of fun money or allowance to do with what you want.  Otherwise ,there’s no fun. Well, I’m certainly not the budget expert so…

I was freaked that B didn’t  have his bonus come in but hopefully next time. Patience…

it just means using more out of the EF till that comes in and the whole bonus will go back in. ugh, why can’t it ever be easy…..

I received my new walking shoes and their very comfortable. I also called to see how much a new pair of orthotics inserts would be since I have the mold. well, shock.. $400. … so forget that. I’ll just have to make do.


Well, dinner tonight, a new recipe fro the Ruth Reichl book, tandoori chicken organic long grain rice with cabbage salad, our very own carrots , and radishes with a peanut dressing.