Thursday Budget stuff

IMG_0009Before June budget stuff here’s a picture of Donner Lake.IMG_0014And here’s another. It’s very warm here in Northern California with not a lot of change over the next week. Tomorrow and Saturday are even hotter. So we will need to put in our window air conditioners. This will raise our electric bill but it’s too hot not too use them.

Yesterday’s doctor visit was quite good. We decided not to do a maintenance of every 2 weeks for now. Also, I won’t see him for 2 months but will get monthly labs to see what’s going on.  I’m sure this is a gamble but I think if I have the chance to be drug-free for a short while it will be worth it. I still have 3 Velcade shots so not till July. I’m feeling positive about my decision though. My numbers have never increased radically and hopefully this  will stay the same so future relapse will show it self early on.

Onward to the budget. June is still starting out at a deficit so I will need to transfer a little money to cover a few things. But overall our June budget should show that we need $700 less due to a few things.  I’m hoping the numbers even out by B’s first paycheck of the month. Electric has gone down, but we’re on the balance pay program so it’s balanced based on the year so it’s still at $200. But that should drop once it gets recalibrated.

Also, school money won’t be going out and a few other things will drop too. July will even be better when the Harp refi takes effect ( I hope).  this was of course, a tough decision but with the increased % by October under the previous modification we really don’t have a choice. After much thinking and discussion, the way I have come to see this: we don’t want to move, we will never pay off the mortgage in retirement, so we need to look at getting the mortgage to be an amount that is like a ‘rent’. This refi will do that so I’m pleased with that. When one of us goes to the great beyond then that other person can decide to sell or stay. Unfortunately with my diagnosis, I can’t get life insurance, but many years ago B had me get life insurance ( a small amount ) thru his work. But it would be enough to help. One thing I am concerned about and maybe someone knows the answer to this.. Is when B retires from this company would my life insurance policy just stop? Or would we be able to keep it and keep paying on it?? does anyone know the answer to this?

Well, dinner is crockpot Thursday chicken. Since I’m on dex today, that’s a good thing as I don’t feel much like cooking.

Speaking of cooking, I’m reading the new Ruth Reichel’s book,My Kitchen year  it is so great. I’d highly recommend it.  Of course, I don’t think she would consider crockpot chicken, but then again she’s not on dexamethasone.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Budget stuff

  1. Hi Christina, love your “real life” posts :)) WOW, so you are close to Remission, or able to do a full medication break. Go you!!! If I recall, you’re IgG, and I think you’ve been at this stupid MM game longer than me. Update us on your stats when you can. So happy to read your #s are doing so well. Are you just on Velcade and Dex? Any probs with Neuropathy? Are you on a regular dose? Maybe I should just increase my Kyprolis dose? Ugh, so many decisions. Regarding insurance, most policies you have to continue to pay on for life to keep active, but don’t go by me, I’m not in that business. Stay cool during this crazy CA early heatwave! xoxo

    • Hi Julie,
      yes, Velcade has been amazing. But my doctor did say it’s probably because I haven’t used a proteasome inhibitor before. But still. I think if I remember, I’m IgA but not 100% sure as I neve paid much attention to those things. I have had a little neuropathy but it’s tolerable. I think i need a break and getting of dex will be very good. I’ve been on dex a long time so..
      Can you increase the Krypolis or is it a standard dose? I know decisions are tough to make sometimes. Best to you.

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