Great news!

My kappa light chains are in the normal range and even went lower than last month, kappa light chains , normal, and the ratio is now normal. Last month the ratio was just a smidge over high normal. So exciting news. My m protein stayed the same at .2  I was hoping it had gone done even a smidge but still this is very good news. This is my week off and next week I will see him.  Last time he offered to reduce the dex, so this time, I will do that. It’s sorta hard to do since it does help and if my numbers trend up then it’s back to adding the 20mg. But I’m willing to give it a shot.  I’d love to go off dex all together but in the past, most of my therapies have worked best with dex. So….

Library news updated update….. I got an email from BM and it was nice. WE both were playing off cues  that resulted in us not really talking. But , there wasn’t really room anyway. It was a good outreach and I’d like to go over and have a talk some time if I can really find out what the LD really wanted to accomplish, and not the BS that I didn’t like the direction of the library. WTF did that come from? Well, I may never know. Anywho… it was a gesture.

Lunch at the civic center was nice even though it was only 3 of us.

Rain is starting to fall and it looks like it will continue till next week. Tomorrow we are going to pick up our new chickies. We’re going to get 5 since were down to 7. That would make a dozen. My daughter is selling the eggs like crazy and so that will be some pocket change for her.



2 thoughts on “Great news!

  1. Hi Christina, I recently tried a little experiment of going off Dex for a month+. Well I’m back on, as there’s just something “medically magical” about Dex and our MM meds. I have a love hate relationship with Dex also. I like the little prop up, hate the crash, but enjoy the few hours/days feeling some energy. Glad your #s are doing well, and you are able to do all the things you do! Bet it’s snowing there now, and must be beautiful! xoxo Julie

  2. yes, I’m a little nervous about switching up the amount of Dex, because in the past it has been better(number wise) to keep the dex at 20mg. But I think if I go to 16 or even 12 mg, we’ll know pretty quickly if it doesn’t work as well . I’d like to be off dex since I’ve been on it so long but also want to keep this great response I’m having going too.

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