Ugh!! more VW problems

maxresdefault.jpgSo, after driving half the day on Saturday, the  VW still wouldn’t pass smog on Monday ,now because of another code. WE dropped it off at out local garage and I just found out he said its now the thermostat. Once that’s fixed it still needs to reset again. Boy, is this a PITA. Things like this make me just want to go buy a newer car and be done with it. If this doesn’t work then we’ll need to take it down to the VW dealer which is about 30 minutes away.

Tomorrow, I drive down to Sacramento for my shot. I’m not stopping anywhere else since I don’t need to go to Costco, or Trader Joes. I should be done and home in @ 2hours.

Today I went to pick up a prescription and go to Target.

Tonight we’re having tacos with a coleslaw.