Rain,Rain, and more rain!

We’ve had a lot of rain yesterday and today quite a lot more is due in. Plus the winds. the winds will be fairly high so hopefully, our trees are well grounded.  It’s actually supposed to keep raining all week with just a few breaks. I know we need the rain here in California, but it does get tiresome.

Last night we had a home made pizza fest. I made a sausage and pepper, mushroom and olive, chicken and bacon with white sauce and an arugula with goat cheese, and a plain cheese. I froze the plain cheese as we’d eaten a lot of the others. The winner for me was the arugula and goat cheese. It was yummy.

I’m also going int town today to give some woman my Waldorf cloth dolls that have been in a bin for almost 15 years. Back in the day, our kids were schooled in Waldorf education, so all their toys, for the most part, were made of natural materials. These dolls were quite the thing back then and actually pretty expensive. But cloth will not stand the test of time and it’s unlikely my daughter will have kids. she just isn’t interested at all. So in my last decluttering phase, these have now or soon will have gone to a family who can love and play with them. I feel good about this and I’m giving them to her for free.

the back of my van is loaded to go the thrift store, but with the rain, it’ll have to wait.

My VW bill was over $600, but it seems to be running well and I’m glad we fixed it and didn’t think, its time to get rid of it. We paid cash from our home money, which pretty much wiped it out but after paying our taxes with a credit card, I just didn’t want to add more. As it is the one CC is getting too much on it and when B’s next bonus comes in, it’ll need to be paid way down. First though we need to add to the EF as we keep dipping into it and that’s not good. I worry about how we’ll do when B actually retires. It’s a scary thought. But for now we keep plugging away. This month also is our property taxes and auto insurance is coming due. So lots of bills. For next year, I need to really have this spring surge of bills in the budget.

Well, off to town.