Thursday musings

Well, it’s off to Sacramento for my infusion. For some reason, this is on Thursday, not the usual Wednesday.  Then were going to Winco this week to get some odds and ends like bulk poppy seeds, and other stuff.

IT’s suppose to start raining and keep going. At least off and on for 2 weeks. So much for our sunny Spring weather.

My VW is in the shop. Coming home from getting my labs it sputtered and the check engine light came on. It needs to be smogged and they won’t do it with the check engine light on, plus I don’t really want to break down. So it’s in our local shop, just a walk away. He said it’s the spark plugs and cords  and something else. This is a 2000 VW beetle, that was my daughters. And now it’s mine. We paid her for it when she  bought her Honda. It’s really been fun to drive but I have zero tolerance if a car isn’t working. We really need this to go another year since were still paying on B’s Santa Fe.

Other than that, I’m reading some fun decluttering books someone mentioned on another blog. They are by this guy Aslett, who wrote these in the 80’s. They’re actually pretty good if you can get past the weird cartoon drawings that are really annoying.