IMG_0717My daughter and I took out the cruisers again on the American River Bikeway. It was a lovely day. There are lots of spring flowers now. In a month or so it’ll be too hot to do this ride so we’re enjoying it now. I went a little farther this time 6 miles round trip. My backs a little sore this morning but overall pretty good. We didn’t stop for lunch but went to Grocery outlet to get a patio umbrella I had seen there for $30. That’s a very good price. I bought one last season at Target for $60 ¬†and one of the bars is already bent. So I don’t mind buying a less expensive one that may last only 2-3 years. Plus it was Grocery Outlets semi-annual wine sale so we picked a few to try.

Today we are having to drive my VW as much as possible since it didn’t pass smog due to the battery having been recently charged and so the computer thing was reset. At first, this sounded like a BS story, but after I googled it is in fact true. We’ve had many electrical issues with this 2000 VW. Mostly battery related, and now a window doesn’t go down. And the this, because last week when I went to start it , it was completely dead. So B hooked up the battery and that’s what caused the reset, I guess. It still sounds hokey to me, but well see, after I drive it today, I’m stopping in to have a retest. Actually, we’ll try and just have a pretest to see if it passes. Also, the gas is suppose to be between 1/4 and 3/4 and B had just filled it so that may have affected it too.

Today is also suppose to be quite nice @ 70, but tomorrow clouds and a slight trend downward and a little rain even.