Keeping a simple routine

As you know  from reading my blog, I like to have a routine. I have a  weekly routine that is from Flylady. She has different zones each week. As I’ve embraced minimalism and have less stuff, the zones are easier to do. This week I’ll be in the bathroom. Now we only have a small bathroom so it probably is different if you have 3. But daily I wipe down the bathroom, sink, toilet, and floor. When its the zone, I do the shelves, window and what might be needed. It might take a total of 15 minutes.

I started keeping a simple schedule when I was going thru more intensive chemo, as a way to just do 15 minutes a day of simple tasks. It really helped and now I enjoy being able to clean and tidy in short periods. Having way less stuff totally changed how much there was to dust and clean.

I also try and process one load of laundry a day at a minimum. I also keep the kitchen counters clear  and dishes in the dishwasher after use.

I don’t always get it all done but most days it’s the following of a simple routine that allows me to keep things tidy and clean.

If you’re starting to declutter and are becoming more minimalistic, a simple routine will help.  Of course, you might add in 15 minutes of decluttering too.

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