Thursday stuff

Yesterday went well. My shot went quickly and I was 30 minutes early as my husband had a meeting at the Sacramento Coop. I dropped him off and then went down to Mercy Cancer Center. It’s pretty close so I was ok driving in downtown. They were nice and fit me in for the shot, though they were trying to set up the IV for Zometa. I said no that’s not till April 6. They were fine with that.

Then we went up to Winco for things I can get cheaper there and then over to Costco. At Costco ,I was mostly trying to get the coupon deals since they are really unbeatable. For instance ,I got the 8 pack to Marie Callender chicken pot pies for my son .It was 7.99.I don’t think you can get them anywhere ate that price. Plus more non-food things.

I looked at hams for Easter but they were too big for us and we don’t eat enough to really freeze. I might check Bel Air for a small spiral one. Or just get some slices at the deli. I’m making Southern fried tofu, tartar sauce, potato salad, deviled eggs and then a few slices of ham. We don’t celebrate Easter as a religious day but more Welcome Spring!! Or I think it was Eostre in the old days.220px-Ostara_by_Johannes_Gehrts

Today, I’m off to the Koffee klatch lunch and dropping off the Aspca thrift store things. I don’t have a lot but I like to get it out of my car.