On getting a LOT of chicken, Labs , and Library meeting

Well, since I’m trying to be as frugal as possible and keep our grocery bill low, I decided, after reading a number of blogs about this, to try Zaycon farm to table chicken.

Well, it’s all natural, good. But not organic, okay, I can live with that.And it’s 40 lb boxes. Okay, that’s a lot of chicken, but its boneless chicken breasts. I went to pick it up yesterday. Very smooth operation. You drive up and viola, they load and all. Getting home and dealing with it, another whole story. It’s not individually wrapped, so, out come the freezer bags and about an hours worth of work. I’m still not sure if it’s going to be worth it but the cost difference is impressive. For Smart chicken, natural, not organic, it’s 6.99 a pound. Organic is $9.99 a pound. So this natural, no antibiotics etc is $ 1.69. That’s pretty good savings. So I hope it works out. they also have beef and some nice applewood hams, but Imaging to wait and see how this works out for a while. I would consider their bacon but some stuff only comes in occasionally.y. They also have wild caught shrimp and some other fish. But 40 lbs is still a lot. maybe the fish is 20lbs. Can’t remember. A lot of frugal cooks and bloggers love this  Zaycon, so I will say, the service was excellent.

On another note, my first labs came in with my CBC and CMP and they look great. WBC great, RBC, great. Platelets great!! Now we’ll see how my SPEP test comes back and Light chains.  I’m excited if there’s more of a drop in my m protein.

Okay, I’m going to be brave and go the FOAL meeting today. They need to vote on the board. I haven’t been to a meeting since they let me go and so I know the library director will be there plus the nasty  person, who actually was the one to call and tell me not to show up at the library. I still have a difficult time with how this went down. All they had to do was say we need to have you step back till they figured out what happened. The problem, I had nothing to do with it, so why was I asked to step back. But no, they just took it and ran. It’s still painful when you know what they did was wrong and I had no recourse being  only extra help. Oh, well, I’m going today to face them. It’ll be interesting to see if they even talk to me.

I have a plan to go and sit next to the couple of Friends who I like and supported me thru this. I also plan not to say much except  hello to the branch manager, since really she is the one who should have taken the fall. But no, (resentment here) she wouldn’t give up that job for anything. I thought she was a friend but not really in any way.

So, that’s my day, plus, I’m cooking chicken parmesan for dinner.(ha ha)



Library meeting went fine. the LD wasn’t there nor her assistant. But the BM didn’t even say hi!  so what’s up with that…! well, at least I went and now I feel ok for the most part about it all.