Thursday Budget stuff


Well, the budget has been stretched and money has come out of our EF. But some of this is due to us helping our son with expenses since he’s not working and going to school full-time (21 units ,which is a lot. I’m hoping he gets a job by July 1. He can go back to Grocery outlet where he was a manager but not sure that’s what he wants to do. He received his AS in multi media and so now he’s working on transferable units to a UC system.  We’re proud he works so hard in school, so we’re willing to use some of the EF for him.

B got a nice bonus, so it’s going to property tax due by April 10 and pay off the refrigerator we bought last month. A little left for some fun maybe.

I had a really good appt yesterday at the doctor. WE agreed to lower dex to 16mg. Not much but it seems like it’s made a slight difference this morning. Also, he’s impressed with how quickly Velcade has brought my numbers to remission even with the slight m protein of .2 .He’s thinking I may not even need to do the full 6 sessions. I’m not sure  but we’ll see. He didn’t think using Velcade as maintenance for me was really necessary as the research shows that OS and Progression in someone like me at 11 years out , probably isn’t made any better by maintenance.      so, I guess I’ll just wait and see when we’re at that point.

I’m going into town for prescriptions, a few items from the store then home.  I was going to go to Truckee with my daughter, but I’ll only have so much energy till the dex drop.

WE did great at Costco yesterday and got what was on the list, mostly non-food.There’s a few more things I’d like to get but will wait. I opted to get organic ground turkey instead of organic beef.