Taking a day off!

Even though I’m not permanent staff at the library, I have maybe only taken 3-4 days off due to being sick in 8 years. I have taken vacation time but not sick time. Today I did. I just didn’t feel up to going in for a number of reasons. The worst is I am pretty stressed about my son. Here’s the saga. He over does it the last day ( night driving)…. And is in an accident. Single person, off the road, thankfully he’s alright but the Prius is totaled. So now he’s back there with no car, and we are dealing with insurance. Plus, now we are going to have to pay for a flight home. What is going on. Plus we are paying for a hotel. The plan was he would hotel the first night, get situated and then find a campground till he knew what was going on with the GF. So, we still don’t really know what’s going with the girl friend, but since he has no place to land, he’s flying home this weekend. What a disaster is all I’ve got to say.

So, that’s why I need a day off from the world, and I took my 15 year van for a belt and pretty much was told my van is shot. Needs a ton of work….
So, now what???

Not happy news plus costing us. I am very thankful my son was not hurt, so I’ll look on the bright side.

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