Well, he’s off…..

Whaaa, my little boy is off on his adventure. He left around 7 am. He’ll probably get past elko Nevada today. I just hole he doesn’t try and drive too much and get sleepy. I’m such a worrier, always have been with both my children. He’s a very safe driver but, there’s always other people. Also, I understand there’s some serious weather in the middle of the country. I’ll do my best to be okay. But, I’ll still worry.

This morning I made up the peaches I got at the farmers market Saturday. 12 jars of peach sauce/ jam for gifts. This Christmas will be a homemade one.

I have a chicken in the oven for dinner because it’s suppose to be 105 today. Tomorrow it will trend down. Also, I need to call for my 15 year old dodge van a service as it’s making sounds. We can’t afford a second newer car so I need to get this fixed.

This week is my doctor visit and I see a dermatologist. I try never to over schedule but I need to see both so…

My daughter expects”the call” today about what they’re doing at the library. We shall see.
Well, I’m off to swiffer floors and laundry…..