Friday stuff

Just came back from getting blood test. Hopefully my ANC is back up and I can start revlimid Monday. Not that I want to but what’s the alternative really.
We’re still looking at used car options for my son. Everything is so ridiculous with huge miles. When we bought the Santa Fe, we researched it for 6 months and knew exactly what we wanted. It was easy. This is not easy. I’m not going to take a loan out and really I’m not sure we should even be getting him another car but here in California it’s hard to get any where with out one. So no car, no job, and so on, no school etc.

I’ve seen a few options but it’s limited.

I’m off to the library in a bit. Still feeling somewhat tired so hoping my neutrophils are up.

I just finished a very good budget book,”the Debt-Free budget book”. I got slot of good ideas out of it so I’m trying it out. I still have my YNAB and I am going to buy the upgrade after the trial period.

So, off then to the library.