JKWP update!

Today, is day 402. It’s Saturday so the normal crowd doesn’t show up till later,so I had the park to myself. It was nice. Since it’s been so hot everyone is coming out early. Sometimes it feels like a freeway. Ha, ha!

I’m working today ,but I bet it’ll be slow. And I don’t think we’re getting transit(books coming back to our branch). So it maybe a boring day.
Later the ATT guy is showing up as our uverse connection has been awful. We’re getting kicked off Internet like 20 times a day. So, hopefully, it’ll be fixed.

My daughter and I had a nice BBQ of burgers last night. Just the 2 of us. Tonight I’m going to grill some chicken and have a big salad.

Finished a few books, “The Emperor of all Maladies”, a little too technical but some interesting tidbits. It’s the history of cancer and cancer research. The Myeloma Beacon is having it as a book club choice.
Also, “Lost Lake”. A really heartwarming story.
Nothing on my kindle,but I waiting for some holds to come in.
Again a really hot day ahead of us.