A little off balance

I didn’t feel good yesterday. I don’t know if it’s stress or sinus or that’s it’s been so hot. But I feel better today. I’m off to see a dermatologist today. I have some moles to check out. Although I’ve always had these, I suppose it’s a good thing to be proactive, although since I already live with cancer, does it really make a difference. Maybe I’m slightly depressed. I don’t like the heat and I feel sluggy when it’s hot.
I’m still walking the JKWP . I’m on day 414 ,I think. But it’s been uninspired. Just putting one foot in front of the other.

Also, I’m really looking at our retirement plans and it seems so depressing. Move, ? Like where? Affordable? Where? I guess we just need to keep processing.

Then my son is about half way in his journey, and I know I’m being affected. Worrying, but trying not to. He’s pretty far away, and I miss him. I guess it’s just letting go. Geez, when I was his age I was married, in college and in Arizona. So, it’s just we’re a close family, (actually, we don’t really much family). I have a sister and brother, and my husband has 2 brothers we don’t speak to. So not much family.
Oh well, I’ll try not and obsess too much about it all.

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