Well, that’s different!

So, yesterday, I posted about the train trip for my son. This is across country to Charlottesville, va . So yesterday after I got home, he says now he wants to drive. What!!!! We just bought the train ticket. Well, he thinks having a car will be better. So …. That’s a long drive alone. But, if that’s what he wants. It would be easier for him once he gets there but geez, make up your mind. Then we get into a huge disagreement because, I jokingly say I hope they don’t hand you the Book of Mormon. Okay, so he gets completely upset and says I’m so offensive. What…? What do you mean offensive. I was joking. Well, he says I’m always like that. Gee, I hope I don’t offend people. I say to him I think everyone has the right to believe what they want, but I am opinionated that ,for instance, Mormons do not allow women in their upper ranks. So anyway, it doesn’t go well. I’m still upset by it this morning, like really you think that of me, I’m offensive.

So, now he’ll be driving. I hope his car does okay, and he does too with long days of driving. Gee, I’m so offensive. Wow, what a blow. Of, course ,I’m a Libra, so I always like things to be even and nice and balanced. Kinda a bummer, but I’ll work thru it. I’m always like this he says, offensive.

We were paying for his train ticket, but I’m not going to give him all that for gas. I’ll do some and then he’s on his own.

Just got back from my blood draw, and then I’m at the library. Also, I might go to town later to pick up some prescriptions. It’s always a guessing game of what will my m protein be. Since it went up slightly last month, it might go up again… Who knows. I guess at some point when Revlimid stops working it’ll start trending upward more.