It’s still really hot here and it looks like we’re in for a continued heat wave. Maybe I should move to Santa Cruz. Right? Affordability? I don’t think so. But it’s only 73 there to day as opposed to our 100*.
And I’m watering a lot so there’s that bill too.
Finished a few books;
“Killer ” by Kellerman. Predicable Kellerman but I like his characters
“The things that Matter” by Nate Berkus, pretty good overall and his experiences with the sunami in Indonesia was pretty herific. His decorating style isn’t to my liking,( too much stuff).
“The end of life bookclub”, this I had mixed feelings about I like it chronicles his mothers journey with pancreatic cancer but it’s very wordy and wow they live such a privileged life. Rich, money, status etc. so I don’t know why that bothered me. Maybe cuz it seemed so untypical in many cancer patients lives. We struggled financially with all my medical stuff but the real problem comes with buying the gas to get to appointments, getting food and just charging it because you just can’t deal with things. On and on, its tough. Fortunately we have good insurance but there’s always something.
So, reading this book left me a little put off. But overall I think it’s worth reading.i mean who do you know who vacations in England every summer or has a manhattan apartment. His mother seemed very brave but also in some denial. Oh well, we all handle our cancers differently.

Well, I’m off to Flylady and do a little cooking for the week.
Tonight is pittas with turkey balls cucumber salad and falafel for the vegies.