Monday musings.

ATT should be here soon hopefully to fix this ongoing internet issue. We are getting kicked off wifi like all the time. So with her starting her online school again soon, I hope this is resolved. Plus we are paying for u verse to work actually.
I’m pretty caught up on fly lady, the living room zone takes me about 10 minutes since it’s clutter free for the most part. I do want my son to take out the VHS stuff he bought cuz I don’t want it there and nobody is watching VHS.
I need to do the windows inside, not outside. I’ll schedule outside soon when I can use the windex spray for windows. It works very well.

Oh, I’m reading the best book,”Delicious” by Ruth Reichel. It is outstanding and I love the food stuff, of course. I would go get, and read it. You’ll really like it, if you like foodie books.

I’m waiting today to hear from the nurse if my ANC is up so I can start revlimid. Also, almost all my diarrhea issues are gone, so I guess it’s the Revlimid. Kinda a bummer to go back on. I didn’t have these issues with revlimid before so, maybe it’s after a while it develops.

We are on day 425, I’m still not super energetic and now I realize it’s probably my low blood counts. But, I’m still just putting one foot in front of the other. We are also getting out later as sunrise is now 6:01. I’m not into busting out there at 5:15 and in the dark. We will just keep walking in our own way. It’s not a race, just a project.

I’m hoping too we can narrow down the car search for my son. I’d like to get another Prius but wow, talk about expensive, so not sure we can go that way. All the used cars that we like are out of our price range and/ or have many miles soooo.? Not sure.

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