Train travels!

Well, my son has decided to make some changes. Some I’m not happy about. First , he quit his job at Kmart. Then he doesn’t want to go back to sierra college. Now, he’s taking a train to Charlottesville to see the girlfriend who moved there to live with her grandparents. They are all the Mormons, I’m assuming. So the train will be cool the California Zephyr. Then he thinks he wants to find a job there. I’m not sure how this will play out but, it’s an adventure and that seems to be what he’s looking for. I’m ok with the train and seeing the GF, but to stay there? Not sure about that. He doesn’t have a lot of money saved,so…

I’m opening the library today and then leaving when the other person gets there a little later. It’s ok. More library drama, the clerk position in my daughters branch is going to another clerk, basically a lateral. I think it’s a huge mistake since the people in the main branch do not deal with people in the smaller branches well. We are much more flexible and giving. In the main branch it’s never smile and just hand me the books and pay fines.
So, if they don’t offer something to my daughter she’s going to quit and just focus on school. I totally agree.
I’m hoping I can work one more year, maybe two, but it all depends on my health. Sometimes I’m pretty distracted or forgetful.
Plus my ongoing gastrointestinal problems.

So I’m back using a newer version of YNAB . I have the old one I bought, and the new upgrade is nicer. I’m on a thirty day free trial, but I’m going to buy it. I like it and I have it pretty exact. I’m overall super frustrated with finances. We just can’t get ahead. I’m hoping YNAB will give me some things to look at differently. And our refrigerator is dead. My daughter actually got sick from some chicken salad that got too warm. The fridge is not calibrating and is getting warm then sorta cold. So another dip in the EF.
It’s frustrating and a little scarey that money goes out do fast. I’m trying to get our budget where we are living beneath the pay check. Thank whatever we are at least putting $ in the 401. I do have Santa almost done, so I guess there’s a little improvement.

One thought on “Train travels!

  1. I lived in Charlottesville for a year while my Hubs finished his Master’s at UVA. I am sure it’s grow much since then but it’s still a college town surrounded by lots of “horsey” people with money. You can email me if he wants any info on that place.

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