Is there a normal?

Well, I think things are back to something called normal. No, not really.
My son is home safe and sound. He’s trying to figure out his next step sans car. We will try and find some sort of car once the insurance is done. But I also need to call Allstate and find out the bad news of how much our premium is going to change because of his accident.

Then my daughter turned in her notice so she’ll work this week and that’s it.
Ah, is there some sort of trend going on here. ..?

I think it’s the right decision but, that means she’s home a lot ,as she is not too social. Ah, okay she’s not social at all.

So is this the new normal,? Geez, I hope not, cuz I will not be a happy camper with both my children just hanging around even if they are in school. ( graduate school and junior college). Still…..

Okay, as I mentioned I’m off revlimid till my ANC goes up. But, for the most part I’ve felt awful. Like this morning I’m feeling nauseous ? Why? I have no idea. So is it drugs coming out of my system? I have no idea, but I’ll get a blood test Friday and know Monday whether I should start the revlimid. Geez, you think I’d be feeling great:(
Oh well, I’m off to the library and then figure out dinner. It maybe a pizza. I’m kinda tired of cooking. Oh, plus, I have been very fatigued, so I’m guessing that it is my neutrophils. I just can’t cut a break.

Well, on that depressing note….