Fridays frustrated financials

Honestly, I don’t know if any more money can come out of our EF. The septic pumping cost almost $500. Where is all this stuff coming from. We are not saving, and barely breaking even with bills and paycheck . Then anything extra is coming out of the EF. The car on Monday was$350. It’s been a rough week. I still need to figure out when to transfer the tax money and that won’t be pretty. I’m really hoping once that’s done we can really buckle down and just save. No extras. Ha, was pumping the septic extra? I don’t think so.  

But, we are saving thru the 401 so at least that’s set. And with the w4 change we should be ok for next years taxes. I still worry about how are we going to manage at retirement. Should we just sell and rent? Rents in this area are pretty high, but the question is what does the next 5 years bring with savings ,health, etc. 

On another note, our weather is beautiful and should be for a few days more. Almost 70 degrees . Nice.

i have some potatoes and onion to plant this weekend and 2 rose bushes that I can’t decide where to put. We’re still trying to plan the front yard as garden but I’m not sure how much we can afford to put into it.