Happy St. Patricks and my SCT anniv.

March is always a little difficult for me emotionally. On march 17 2006 I was released from Sutter BMT center after my 20 days. I was pretty weak but happy to be unhooked from machines. Unfortunately the next day I spiked a fever, so back in I went for 1 night. It seems I was hydrating enough. So , day by day I felt a little better and walked a few steps more. 

Even though where I went is not ‘world class’, the unit was fantastic and they took great care of me. the nurses were outstanding and so were the doctors. So, even small hospitals can do an outstanding job, and we need to acknowledge that. It doesn’t have to be stanford, or mayo clinic or Arkansas . That’s all I’m saying just based on my experience.

Really it took @ 6 months to feel normal. But, then after the 100 days of waiting I had no m spike no plasma cells in bone marrow. I was pretty ecstatic . I had 4 years off all chemo except aredia. I have now relapsed 3x , but each time revlimid and dex have done their job. I’m not in CR but VGPR with a m spike of .43 or last month .36

so it’s a month to month deal. I’ll take it, cuz what else can you do. I feel generally good. I have a little job I love, the best family, so all in all good.