Sunday thoughts

Well, I guess I spoke to soon about feeling good on Thursday. That night around 2 or so I knew I had a small fever, a reaction tho the zometa. It wasn’t full blown like last time but still I didn’t feel well in the morning. The fever was gone in a few hours but I still had to work my 4 hour shift. Fridays are usually pretty slow so I knew I was ok.

Saturday I felt fine and I had a good day overall. My son made dinner so it was. Nice not to cook. It rained all day and everything is very wet. That’s a good thing. Today is dex Sunday so, I’m going to do a few Flylady things, make some bread and maybe a soup. Oh, and yogurt.

Well, I’m back, many hours later, made soup and bread but no yogurt. It seems I’ve been going since 7 am which I have, but the house still needs a little more putting together. Geez, how many hours is that, it’s 11:30 now.?.?

4 thoughts on “Sunday thoughts

  1. Tahoe girl
    What is the Zometa for & how often do you have to take it? Do you know why it causes a fever? Some of these drugs seem to be very scary to me–I don’t know what I’m scared of most–the drugs or the MM.

    • Zometa is an IV infused over 30 minutes to prevent bone fractures and lesions. I was originally was on aredia for 6 years, every2-3 months. But the infusion is 3 hours minimum. So opted to switch to zometa.
      It is necessary to strengthen bones” and it has anti myeloma properties. If you’re not super hydrated, and don’t taken Tylenol , you can get a reaction. Fever, aches. I was ok and it was really just a small blip. Even if you don’t have bone issues, you might talk to you Hem/ onc about starting aredia , even if it’s once every 4 months. An ounce of protection will go a long way.

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