Tuesday , back to the library.

It’s a beautiful day. My walk had the full moon sitting in the sky and made it pretty at 6:15.

I’ve got crock pot spaghetti sauce going so dinner is almost done. Then I need to do a little tidying and get lunch ready.  When we went to target yesterday, I bought a new garden hat to keep the sun off my face. With my medications, I can’t be out in the sun or I’ll get a rash. Then some new clippers, and seeds. Also , a table cloth I’m using in the pantry as a new cover. I’ll post the picture after it’s uploaded. 

My daughter got the potatoes planted so hopefully they’re ok. We need to keep up on watering as we are not getting rain. 

Last week finished ” The Cuckoo’s Calling”. Really pretty good. Now I’m reading a mindless ” Irish Eyes” sort of detective story. It’s okay not much substance but ok. 

There are 2 bloggers I follow regularly, I’d like to mention. RV sue, is a woman who lives full time in her Casita trailer traveling and boon docking with her two lovely dogs. She’s really an inspiration, very down to earth. No pretenses or showiness. Just a great person to be admired for living her dream. Then I also adore , mockingbirdhill.com , she’s my age and lives in a sweet cottage in New York. She really writes straight from the heart. Today she was blogging about getting older and still feeling young on the inside . How true. 

5 thoughts on “Tuesday , back to the library.

  1. Enjoying all your comments on working, family life & budgets. Also, the comments you made about your first ordeal with Myeloma in the month of March was quite moving. This disease is so different for so many people. I was diagnosed in Nov/Dec. 2013 & have yet to have one symptom. I would never know anything was wrong with me if I didn’t know about my M spike. I feel so fortunate although I know, at any time, this disease can become nasty & cause serious illness. I guess that goes for making each day count & counting your blessings. Keep fighting!

    • Hi Barbara ,
      Did you have any presenting symptoms? You’re lucky, no bone damage or kidney problems. What is your m protein?
      Yes, the SCT was quite difficult, but I’m still glad I did it. A second? Not too sure I’d go that route with the new drugs out but who knows.
      Best to you.

      • My M spike
        My M spike was 2.49. Not sure what it is the last 2 months but will have it checked when I go in this next week. We had to put everything on hold when my hubby got a virus several weeks ago & when we went to the Doc last week, because he was not shaking it, they put him on an antibiotic & did a chest X ray. We had just gotten in the door, an hour later, & it was the Doc’s office saying that they found a round something on the Xray & the radiologist could not decifer if it was pnemonia or a tumor. Really shook us up since my diagnosis was just in Dec. He has to go for a cat scan tomorrow morning so we are worried since he was a hevy smoker many years ago. Boy, we never know do we! At any rate, my oncologist said to get things under control with my spouse & then come to see him since my treatment can wait a bit since I have no symptoms. Thank God for that!

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