Update on the JKWP (just keep walking project)

ImageThis is where I sit and drink my coffee.

Yeah, it’s day 303 of walking. We can do this. 

its exciting to be in the last bit. We walked in the mist this morning so nice it wasn’t too rainy.

I feel pretty good this morning and I’m off except later I have book club. We read ‘the Snow Child’. It’s a good period story about homesteading in Alaska and of course a mysterious child. I liked the descriptions, but the story was just ok to me.


One thought on “Update on the JKWP (just keep walking project)

  1. I am curious — do you go walking early in the morqnng because your are naturally a morning person? Or to get it out of the way before starting the day? I am going to start my own JKW Project soon and love the idea of walking while enjoying the sunrise — but I am also a night owl who is trying to change her internal clock while also battling post-chemo insomnia. Ack

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