The march 3 updates and Sunday musings

imageimageimageWell financial has been a disaster. We didn’t save anything above 401 which is just automatic.

We, used sinking funds for septic, car and camera. Ugh…….. But at least its there. The problem is that it’s hard to rebuild it at our current outflows.

I did keep adding to my $5 savings and am at $150.

52 week savings is a little short, but I will add after pay day. Also, we’ve had 4 no spend days.

Personal, the Just Keep Walking Project, is going good. We’re on day 291 so we are close to the 300 day, which I feel it’s down hill from there.

Decluttering is ok, I keep looking around and not much here in the house. The pantry is still a problem as it’s in the entry on large costco stainless steel shelves. But, it covered in a cool retro barkcloth . Still I’d like it too be a closed cabinet, but most are too small. The Costco shelves are 4 ft wide and must be 6ft tall, I use it for food, appliances etc. any ideas. See above pictures…

I made some sour dough bread dough, it’s rising . Today I’m cooking it in the le Crueset ┬ánot the loaf pan. The I made yogurt in the maker, but when I added the yogurt starter the milk was too cool, so I’m not sure it’s going to work. I think I’m going to make some spaghetti sauce from last years garden tomatoes.

tonights menu is BBQ chicken/ chick patties, potato salad from farmers market potatoes, and probably a big salad from farmers mrkt


Tomorrow , Asian lettuce wraps

tuesday, maybe a pizza.

Wednesday, ?

Thursday, BBQ burgers on lettuce.

Friday, tacos

Saturday, Sandwich, and salad , I think.