Tuesday , back to the library.

It’s a beautiful day. My walk had the full moon sitting in the sky and made it pretty at 6:15.

I’ve got crock pot spaghetti sauce going so dinner is almost done. Then I need to do a little tidying and get lunch ready.  When we went to target yesterday, I bought a new garden hat to keep the sun off my face. With my medications, I can’t be out in the sun or I’ll get a rash. Then some new clippers, and seeds. Also , a table cloth I’m using in the pantry as a new cover. I’ll post the picture after it’s uploaded. 

My daughter got the potatoes planted so hopefully they’re ok. We need to keep up on watering as we are not getting rain. 

Last week finished ” The Cuckoo’s Calling”. Really pretty good. Now I’m reading a mindless ” Irish Eyes” sort of detective story. It’s okay not much substance but ok. 

There are 2 bloggers I follow regularly, I’d like to mention. RV sue, is a woman who lives full time in her Casita trailer traveling and boon docking with her two lovely dogs. She’s really an inspiration, very down to earth. No pretenses or showiness. Just a great person to be admired for living her dream. Then I also adore , mockingbirdhill.com , she’s my age and lives in a sweet cottage in New York. She really writes straight from the heart. Today she was blogging about getting older and still feeling young on the inside . How true.