Happy St. Patricks and my SCT anniv.

March is always a little difficult for me emotionally. On march 17 2006 I was released from Sutter BMT center after my 20 days. I was pretty weak but happy to be unhooked from machines. Unfortunately the next day I spiked a fever, so back in I went for 1 night. It seems I was hydrating enough. So , day by day I felt a little better and walked a few steps more. 

Even though where I went is not ‘world class’, the unit was fantastic and they took great care of me. the nurses were outstanding and so were the doctors. So, even small hospitals can do an outstanding job, and we need to acknowledge that. It doesn’t have to be stanford, or mayo clinic or Arkansas . That’s all I’m saying just based on my experience.

Really it took @ 6 months to feel normal. But, then after the 100 days of waiting I had no m spike no plasma cells in bone marrow. I was pretty ecstatic . I had 4 years off all chemo except aredia. I have now relapsed 3x , but each time revlimid and dex have done their job. I’m not in CR but VGPR with a m spike of .43 or last month .36

so it’s a month to month deal. I’ll take it, cuz what else can you do. I feel generally good. I have a little job I love, the best family, so all in all good. 


The march 3 updates and Sunday musings

imageimageimageWell financial has been a disaster. We didn’t save anything above 401 which is just automatic.

We, used sinking funds for septic, car and camera. Ugh…….. But at least its there. The problem is that it’s hard to rebuild it at our current outflows.

I did keep adding to my $5 savings and am at $150.

52 week savings is a little short, but I will add after pay day. Also, we’ve had 4 no spend days.

Personal, the Just Keep Walking Project, is going good. We’re on day 291 so we are close to the 300 day, which I feel it’s down hill from there.

Decluttering is ok, I keep looking around and not much here in the house. The pantry is still a problem as it’s in the entry on large costco stainless steel shelves. But, it covered in a cool retro barkcloth . Still I’d like it too be a closed cabinet, but most are too small. The Costco shelves are 4 ft wide and must be 6ft tall, I use it for food, appliances etc. any ideas. See above pictures…

I made some sour dough bread dough, it’s rising . Today I’m cooking it in the le Crueset  not the loaf pan. The I made yogurt in the maker, but when I added the yogurt starter the milk was too cool, so I’m not sure it’s going to work. I think I’m going to make some spaghetti sauce from last years garden tomatoes.

tonights menu is BBQ chicken/ chick patties, potato salad from farmers market potatoes, and probably a big salad from farmers mrkt


Tomorrow , Asian lettuce wraps

tuesday, maybe a pizza.

Wednesday, ?

Thursday, BBQ burgers on lettuce.

Friday, tacos

Saturday, Sandwich, and salad , I think.

Fridays frustrated financials

Honestly, I don’t know if any more money can come out of our EF. The septic pumping cost almost $500. Where is all this stuff coming from. We are not saving, and barely breaking even with bills and paycheck . Then anything extra is coming out of the EF. The car on Monday was$350. It’s been a rough week. I still need to figure out when to transfer the tax money and that won’t be pretty. I’m really hoping once that’s done we can really buckle down and just save. No extras. Ha, was pumping the septic extra? I don’t think so.  

But, we are saving thru the 401 so at least that’s set. And with the w4 change we should be ok for next years taxes. I still worry about how are we going to manage at retirement. Should we just sell and rent? Rents in this area are pretty high, but the question is what does the next 5 years bring with savings ,health, etc. 

On another note, our weather is beautiful and should be for a few days more. Almost 70 degrees . Nice.

i have some potatoes and onion to plant this weekend and 2 rose bushes that I can’t decide where to put. We’re still trying to plan the front yard as garden but I’m not sure how much we can afford to put into it. 


Tuesday chit chat( a little late)

  • This is http://www.myhalfdozendaily.typepad.com Carla’s weekly update.
  • Reading: I’ve read a few books this week. “Notes from a Blue Bike” by Tsh Oxenreider. Good book and very nicely done, about creating simplicity in your life. “The Snow Child”, about Alaska in the 1930’s ( maybe earlier) and homesteading and a mysterious child who shows up. InterestING story. Now I’m reading ” The Cuckoos Calling” by Galbreath( who is JK Rowling ), quite excellent, I’m surprised. Excellent character development .
  • Listening to: nothing, I like quiet.
  • Watching: ok, finished Game of thrones, season 3 and thought I’d have a heart attack( just kidding) pretty tough ending.
  • Cooking/Baking: I made a turkey, it was ok. Not great.
  • last night some yummy sesame noodle with stir fry vegies.
  • Happy you accomplished this week: all done with doctor appts, till the end of the month,
  • Looking forward to next week:this week, actually, just catching up on my zone cleaning, and since the weather will be warmer, maybe starting the decluttering in the barn.
  • Thankful for today:
  • As, always , that I have a good quality of life , living with myeloma, and my wonderful husband, who is always loving and supportive, and my 2 very exceptional children.
  • thats it for now, today is a work day. Yesterday, my van cost 350 to fix the oil sensor light,but still needs @$ 1500 for more stuff. It’ll have to wait till after taxes.

Sunday, spring forward…

Well, my body is awake and ready to walk, but it’s too dark. It’s 6:24 but my body thinks it’s 5:24 and should be getting ready to go walk. But, I’m I’m walking without B so, I just need to wait. It’s also  Dex Sunday so I’m probably feeling that too. 

So, I’ll wait till @6:50 and then go. Also my son and I are going to Costco to get some things. He (we) is getting a very expensive camera. we will pay half which will be his birthday and christmas present. ( yeah, I know and then what else?).

Today, it’s suppose to start raining and tomorrow. I’m bringing my van in to get and oil change and check the light that’s coming on. As if we don’t have enough money flying out of our savings and we will get hit with the enormous tax bill . So, we changed the deductions and we should be ok next year. 

I’ve been thinking about and working on a five year plan. Can we stay here.? Well, I don’t even know if I’ll be here in 5 years. The thing with myeloma is it will morph and can become more aggressive. Fortunately, that hasn’t happened to me . Anyway, we do need to get some plan to see how will we afford life. So…

We’ve had a good week of menus and today I’m making a turkey. Should be fun, I’ve never made one when it wasn’t thanksgiving, but following some other blogs like http://www.theprudenthomemaker.com, she recommended buying turkeys, ham etc, around the time they are on sale. So I did. The stockpiling idea is something we have always done with beans and rice, so now I’m adding other things and I like not having to think about do I need pintos when I have 20 lbs. 

We had nice BBQ burgers last night. but without B here getting the BBQ ready it took forever and finally I had my daughter do it. I’m just not good at those things. But the burgers were good(organic beef). 

Saturday , and JKWP update

Off to to the little best job in the world( library)!

then it’s a beautiful day so I think I’m going to BBQ some burgers for dinner. 

So, walking is still at 2 miles. When I bumped up to the 2.5 my back suffered. So I might add 2.5 one time this week. I’d really like to get to 3 but I’m really ok where I am. It still takes 40 minutes. So tomorrow is day 285. 

I feel like a pin cushion!

So this last week I’ve had 3 blood draws. My regular monthly, a tobacco one for our health insurance, and a fasting lipid for cholesterol. 

Geez, is it over? then I still need to see my GP for the wellness exam. What a PITA. as, I’ve said , I don’t like to be over scheduled.

its still rainy, cloudy here and it’s getting to me . It’s not cold at least but still I need some sunshine. 

Our budget is totally shot, as my husbands maybe bonus didn’t come in and now were way off in the money department. I swear, it’s always 3 steps forward, 4 steps back…:(

so, I need to transfer from the little savings I’ve been doing just to cover the first of the month.ugh,!!