3 goals for March

Carla over at halfdozendaily.typepad.com. Is doing a challenge for march. 3 goals, financial ,personal, and decluttering.

So, financial:

well, really save as much as possible for upcoming taxes.

Start working on saving for auto insurance due in April.

Keep saving $5 bills. I’m up to $135 already.

I forgot to add, 10 no spend days!:)


Just keep walking. Up to day 277.

Streamline meals. Maybe repeat menus more often based on our favorites.

also, work on the 3 month menu plan as a guide .


our house is mostly decluttered , so it’s the barn that still needs a lot of work. I still have too many Life magazines and there’s too much clutter in general out there.

imageDon’t forget, if you can donate to this or the Leukemia Lymphoma society!