We’re in Tahoe!


We arrived yesterday and it’s beautiful. Cool, but nice. We have our tent trailer really organized and very minimal. It’s nice. I just wish we had a bathroom. That’s the only problem for me. But we work it out with the campground bathrooms. Showers are another story as, in the summer we use a solar shower, now it’s too cold , so no showers. 

Today it’s windy and overcast. We have a heater so were fine and we haven’t really planned on any excursions. Just walking and bike riding. It’s nice not to fill the day up. The campground is pretty empty and quiet. It closes in 2 weeks for the winter so were late to be here but it’s fun.

i made yummy hash browns and our own chicken eggs for breakfast and some coffee. Dinner is tacos, black bean . 

So looking over the September challenge, I think I’ve done really great with the food budget, it’s a little under $400. So with a week left, I’m doing great. I think getting the freezer has been the real key here, as I have stuff in there to use . 

Gas is normal, with the exception of $60 for gas to get up here. 

Entertainment, including, wine for evening sipping is $90. 

Clothing is where I went out on the budget, because I bought a nice north face polar tec jacket. I had no jacket so, I consider that my birthday present. Then Sachi and I went to old navy and spent $300 plus. But, both of never buy clothes so I’m just going to say I have a clothing budget. Really I need to make a clothing budget, because I never add it in to the budget….any ideas?

We also were up and walked our 2 miles and saw a coyote! He didn’t seem to fazed by us. 

So enjoying the time we have!

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