Friday Stuff

There are fires everywhere here in California. There is smoke everywhere and it’s best not to be outside too much. We did walk this morning but only a mile as you could see the smoke haze as it got light.  Vacaville is around an hour and a half or less away so that’s where most of the smoke is coming from. There’s also the fire near Reno and the smoke is filling the Tahoe Basin. This was the week we were supposed to be in Tahoe so perhaps it’s all for the best. So many people were getting evacuated that I -80 was shut down in Vacaville and Fairfield. Pretty scary stuff.

I feel somewhat optimistic after the DNC that perhaps the winds of change is toward decency again. But after the last election, it’s hard not to feel like something awful could happen. I honestly do not think our democracy would survive another 4 years of Trump. Extreme? maybe or maybe not.  We’re planning on taking our absentee ballot down to Auburn and drop at the office of the registrar. Easy to do and we’ll know its there.

I needed to do a fill-in shop before I do Costco at the end of the month so I decided to do Walmart pick up.  It was actually great. I forgot how easy it is to do and I love I can add on since I forgot a bunch of things and then everyone wanted to add a snack or fruit or something. I ended up just over $100. So that’s great. If I bought the same stuff at Bel Air it would easily be $200. One new thing I’m doing that I got from the Tightwad Gazette is to keep track of price points. It’s quite interesting to see the price differences. I’m sure if I was a couponer I could do better. But so far Costco still has most store prices beat.  For example, a half-gallon of organic milk runs about $4.79 in the stores. At Costco 2 gallons is just over $10.00. That is a huge difference.  There are lots of other examples too but what is at issue is you need either a second refrigerator or a freezer or have 10 kids which will drink all that milk. We just freeze the milk till we’re ready to use it.  Anyway, it’s been a fun exercise it frugality.

My right side ribs are pulled again and I’m having limited mobility with it but since I’ve had chronic rib fractures due to Myeloma, I just figure It’ll pass. Of course, the concern with myeloma is it does affect the bones so fractures are a common result of this cancer.  I see my doctor next week so we’ll see what he says.

I’m still making some freezer salsa and waiting on the next batch of Roma tomatoes to ripen. Probably by Sunday I’ll be able to make some more tomato sauce.  We definitely will have plenty to get thru the winter. I’ve been drying basil too since we have a nice crop this year.

We’re in between projects and since it’s been too hot outside to work on fences or anything for that matter. In the house, I still want to get painting done but we need to go get that paint at the Benjamin Moore store and that’s down by Trader Joes in Roseville. So maybe next week. Also there are a few pine boards in my office that need replacing so I’d like that to get done.  We are also planning on redoing our outside laundry since the floor is in bad shape. It’d be nice to have laundry somewhere in the house but there isn’t any space for a washer and dryer unless we built an addsition which we don’t have money for. Well, I’m grateful for what we do have.


10 thoughts on “Friday Stuff

  1. I’ve wondered if the fires were close to you. It is something I just can’t imagine.
    Our garden isn’t doing well this year.
    Got a late start because it was flooded for several weeks in the late spring. Couldn’t plant til June.
    Some of it is also due to neglect. We’ve had our 8 y/o and 11 y/o granddaughters with us during the day since schools closed in March and we are tired, lol! Thankful their parents all had jobs throughout that time. School should start the beginning of Sept, but who knows.
    It’s all seems very disorganized. Of course they have to try to figure out a plan for virtual plus face 2 face with all the precautions.
    I am hopeful about the election too. But you can be sure Trump (and Putin) will pull out every dirty trick they can think of. Look at what they’ve done to the USPS already.
    Best of luck with your Dr visit, hope it’s not a fracture. I think I just read something about a new drug for multiple myeloma? Hopefully, there will be more treatments coming in the future. Take care

    • Hi Marilyn, It sounds like it’s been fun with the grandkids but tiring. I don’t think schools are set to open here yet. Both my son and daughter are working remotely from here and seem to be enjoying that. At least they have jobs( well, my daughter is a part-time librarian, but it pays very well). The ribs are kinda just on going. If I move the wrong way or even reach it pulls the muscles where the fracture was and it flares up. quite painful but I use some arnica gel and that does help. We can only hope about the election, honestly, it scares me Trump could win again. Take Care:)

    • ohh, what job did she apply for?? Davis is actually a lovely city with bike paths, lots of trees, restaurants and of course the university. For a micro minute, we thought of moving there but decided we’re really not flatlanders.

    • Well, it is ongoing with my ribs. it’s definitely a pain( ha a joke)!!! But I’ve learned to live with it. I’m super careful but it does happen and when I sneeze is always a culprit, weird right?

  2. The fires are really scary. The closest one is about 13 miles from us, and the contractors working on our house have all had to evacuate their homes. Teachers in our district our homeless, while trying to support remote learning. I’m struggling to deal with the fires on top of the pandemic on top of 2020 in general.

    The convention gave me a bit of hope, and God knows I need that right now.

    Sending you good thoughts for your next doctor’s appointment!

  3. AH! Another Tightwad Gazette fan. I kept a price book back in the 80s, but now that we eat mostly produce which can’t be bulk purchased I just check the weekly grocery store ads and hit them up for their loss leaders.

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