The week ahead…

First looking back over the last few days.

Still really hot here making it hard to go outside and do much except for early in the morning.

We picked up some oak barrels at Home Depot to replant some bamboo in. I love putting bamboo in barrels as it looks lovely.

Years ago, probably 20, I went to a Waldorf parents house who had golden bamboo. I dug up as much as I could( believe me, back-breaking). But that is what we have as a privacy screen all around the driveway area. But we put some in barrels as it contains it and makes a pretty visual effect. We have these two barrels outside our bedroom window. But the old barrels had deteriorated and were no longer holding water so they will be replaced. I’m guessing these were about the same age, 20 years.

Then Barclay’s labs came back with very high creatine( not good) because of the new drug Jakofi. We both kinda flipped out since the NP kept saying hydrate which he was doing obsessively. He will need to go in for an IV hydration if his numbers remain high. I’m really bugged by this as it all started with the Jakofi. It’s a great drug for GVHD but he’s still on other stuff and it’s hard on the kidneys. So I asked why not drop the Jakofi to 2 a day then 1 a day and so forth. No answer on that yet. So we were definitely bummed out for a few days. We’ll see how the labs are this week.

I had worked on learning how to butcher a whole chicken. I saw a youtube by ProCooks, who I like, and thought well, I could do that. It’s fairly simple just kinda involved so not sure I think it’s worth doing regularly.  Then I made Pioneer woman fried chicken and it was A LOT of Work. Not doing that again. Plus the kitchen ended up looking like a vat of oil exploded. It was tasty but I wouldn’t say great. I think I’ll stick to Southern-fried tofu.

Today is my Flylady morning in the LR zone. Definitely an EZ zone for me with just some deeper dusting and window cleaning.  Generally, it takes 10 minutes tops.

I’m going to get out the bread maker and make some WholeWheat sourdough. I just use the bread maker to make and rise the dough and then I bake in the oven.

Other than that an open week.

I’m making lists of my barn prepper pantry items so I can determine how many weeks/months of stuff we have.  I want to have a balance of pantry security and not going overboard with the ‘survivalist’ mode. I did order some dried Whole milk to put aside in case of either a power outage or unavailable at stores. If anything, I can use it in baking.

I found a book at our little free library, “Radio Free Vermont

. Pretty funny book and is contemporary as Trump is president. If your library has it, I’d recommend it for a fun read.

Here’s an interesting bit of news from our area. We used to live in Foresthill. From 1975 when we came to California till 1995 when we moved here( about 20 miles difference) with Auburn being in the middle and everyone’s main hub. ( mostly). So we lived near a road called Yankee Jims. Very remote and goes down a very windy, steep and treacherous dirt road( some of the way) to the North Fork of the American River. There’s a bridge there that, if I remember correctly, was one lane. Anyway, there’s parking on the side of the road for maybe 10-15 cars MAX!  Last weekend there were 313 cars down there, blocking the road both ways. So now the whole area is shut down and no cars can go in. WHY PEople!! So STupid!

Oh and another STUPID controversial thing. I was looking on Youtube for prepper pantry ideas so I clicked on this one called Alaska Granny. I thought it looked interesting. Younger than me, so not sure where the “granny “comes from. Anywho, this was right after the debacle with GOYA foods. BOYCOTT GOYA!! BUT, this lady does a whole vlog on GO OUT AND BUY AS MUCH GOYA FOODS AS YOU CAN TO SHOW SUPPORT FOR TRUMP AND THE OWNER OF GOYA.

Really??? oh well, takes all kinds. I guess she thinks Trump is cool or some deluded thing. Really, he’s sending federal troops into cities for political shit.  Really, people, he’s a narcissistic nutcase.  History will show this to be one of the worst periods of American politics.

OK, I’ll get off my soapbox now.



6 thoughts on “The week ahead…

  1. I’m so sorry about the kidney function test. That is disappointing I’m sure.
    I suppose it comes down to benefit vs risk.
    I tell you, there are some crazy people out there.
    We live in a rural township and there have been some issues about people shooting guns.
    The twp board had a firearms ordinance drafted and then announced it would be discussed at the next board meeting. People lost it….angry, how dare they mess with their 2nd Amendment rights!
    It was almost a mob that showed up to the board meeting. I watched it on video. Now, we own guns…most people around here do. Lots of hunting. But we also have no problem with common sense gun laws. I am starting to see lots of Trump signs around here. I just don’t understand these people. So now they are organizing to get some write in candidates on the board because they are so angry that the board tried to do this, even though the board dropped the whole thing.
    Trump has brought out the worst in people for sure.

    • Whoa, that sounds insane. I agree with common-sense gun laws, but NOBODY needs an assault rifle to protect their home. And yes, our country is so divided with these Trumpers who, honestly, don’t have a clue that we are being led into an autocratic state.

    • Ha Ha, years ago in the late 1970s there was a vegetarian restaurant called’ the Kitchen’. They made this great batter-dipped tofu and served with a nutritional yeast gravy. I adapted it and started making it and always serve on the 4th of July and special occasions. Basically, after you press your tofu which I do for a few hours, cut into strips maybe 1/4″ then dip in egg batter and then a bread crumbs mixed with grated parmesan. Sometimes I double-dip for more breading. Then have maybe 1/4 ” oil( use high heat) and then fry. I serve mine with a homemade tartar sauce.

  2. I had a peek at alaska granny…it is formulaic stuff, prepping, guns and loads of click to buy buttons. All that was missing was the red baseball cap. They appeal to fantasists who watch too many zombie movies.

    Stay away and stay sane!

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