Damn, what a pain!

So the whole post didn’t publish so here’s a recap. Really pisses me off because now I have to rewrite it all.

To start,  I was saying, BOYCOTT GOYA FOODS.

Their CEO, owner, a Latino man and this is a Latino based business, had a publicity stunt with Trump and basically kissed his ass. Praising him as such a great person. This is the same person who has devalued, denigrated, locked up Hispanic children in cages, called them rapists and murderers. But he’s now some saint. BOYCOTT GOYA!

The tree pictures.


IMG_2221 2.jpeg



All I can say, after having just said it all is $3600 later it’s done.


B’s IVIG went fine.


Shopping at Costco, Winco, Trader Joe’s went fine. Expensive but fine.

It’s hot here in Northern California.

That’s it for now.