Simple Sunday and a blogger apology!

First off, I owe an apology to Hawaii planner blogger.  She is an honest blogger who I respect. I was unfair in my comment concerning her kitchen renovation.

I was rude and unnecessarily judgemental about frugalness while being well off.  That was an unfair assessment on my part.   Everyone should try to be careful with their money no matter what their circumstances.  We can all learn from one another and should be open-minded about other people’s circumstances.



Overall, we had a nice week.

Quite hot and it will continue to be so for a while. At least it cools off at night so the coolers are turned off by 8pm. I’m expecting our PGE bill to be high.

I went to Safeway as I mentioned and it wasn’t too busy at all. Some people were still not wearing masks but most were.  I’ll probably not go back to Safeway but if I need something over to Bel Air as they are requiring face covers.  I didn’t really get any prepper stuff just regular groceries.  I don’t need anything this week but 1/2 for coffee which we go thru a lot of with 4 of us drinking coffee with cream.

We’ve been watching some fun old movies like Caddyshack.  Another favorite this time of year is What about Bob!!!